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Employee Engagement

Organizational Assessments

Is your organization reaching its full potential, or are you being held back by human resource or cultural issues? Through interviews, focus groups, and assessment tools, we can help diagnose your organization's health and implement the right action plans to retain your talent and build employee engagement.

Goal Setting & Performance Management Systems

The single most effective way to improve productivity is through goal setting. We can help you establish clear and concise goals throughout your organization and implement the right performance review system to support your priorities.

Talent Assessment & Succession Planning

Does your organization have the bench strength to get to the next level? Can you promote from within or will you need to go to the outside for key leadership openings? Our consultants are experienced in helping companies assess their leadership teams and staff in the context of their organizational needs, and plan for the future.

Total Rewards Systems

Are your rewards supporting and reinforcing your organization's values and goals? Our organizational work can include a review of your total rewards systems (compensation, incentives, benefits, non-financial rewards, and recognition programs) to ensure that your rewards and incentives are supporting your culture and business objectives.

Organizational Design & Managing Change

Whether organizational change comes from growth, downsizing, or changes in business, products, and leadership, it can be challenging and dramatically affect employees. We can help your leaders and team members learn how to manage change effectively and communicate in a way that encourages employees to embrace the needed changes. We specialize in planning and managing through leadership changes and organization restructures.

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