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Family Crisis Leave

Under California’s Family Crisis Leave, state employees are entitled to take leave and use any eligible leave credits available to them for the purpose of attending to certain family crisis situations including but not limited to the following:

    • Divorce counseling. 
    • Family or parenting conflict management. 
    • Family care urgent matters or emergencies. 

Eligible leave credits include the following: 

    • Annual leave. 
    • Vacation. 
    • Compensating time off (CTO). 
    • Personal leave. 
    • Holiday credits. 
    • Sick leave. 

If an employee has exhausted all available leave credits, he or she may request an unpaid leave.

Family is defined as a parent, spouse, certified domestic partner, son, daughter, any child the employee stands in loco parentis to, grandchild, grandparent, brother, sister or any person residing in the household.

Employees can be required to provide reasonable notice and documentation supporting a request for Family Crisis Leave. Furthermore, state employers must also consider requests from employees to adjust work hours or schedules or to consider other flexible arrangements to participate in such activities.