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High Performance Organizations Consulting

What does it really mean to be a High Performance Organization? How does an organization become one?

Generally speaking, a High Performance Organization (HPO) is an organization that performs better than its peers in regards to business performance, innovation, employee productivity, and engagement, over a sustained period of time. Because HPOs in each industry will look and feel differently, specific solutions needed to make progress toward becoming a HPO will vary given the context of an organization’s industry, initiative or mission.

I partner with my clients to define, design and implement the right capabilities needed to become a High Performance Organization. I bring the OD experience and capacity needed to help build or optimize capabilities in a way that fuels innovation and productivity within organizations.

Learn more about the components and enablers of High Performance Organizations from my Organization Development Practice.

Through my work, I have observed that attainment of HPO status typically occurs when organizations take an integrated approach to actively monitoring and assessing themselves with regards to four core components—organizational structure, process, culture and people— and embracing key enablers of leadership engagement and effective change management.

Sample HPO tools and services that I provide my clients include:
  • Benchmarking and Gap Analysis
  • Workforce and Data Analytics
  • Blueprint and Work Plan Design
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Change Management