San Francisco HR Consultant
Human Resources + Management + Consulting since 1993

Layoff Consulting

As workforce needs change, I help organizations prepare for layoffs with a smooth, respectful, and caring transition for employees. As a consultant, I can assist in the planning and implementation of changes, including separation plans, manager training and communications toolkits, and outplacement support for affected staff. On-site support is provided as needed. I also offer training in areas such as Change Management and/or Team building and can work with you to design retention strategies to assist the organization in retaining key staff and moving forward.

Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting

The success of a merger or acquisition often depends on the successful integration of people. I am well equipped to help you at every step: in the assessment of organizational culture and HR policies and practices during due diligence; planning for changes affecting employees and the organization; and the integration of companies. I have proven experience working successfully with numerous acquisitions of all sizes, all over the world, and can provide practical strategies and support to help you achieve the best outcome for your combined organization.

Is your own company being acquired? I can help you identify the right questions to ask, develop effective ways to approach integration, and take an active role in planning for and managing your company's future.