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School visitation leave

School activities leave is sometimes referred to as parental or school visit leave. Employers with 25 or more employees working at the same location must allow a parent, grandparent who has legal custody or guardian to take up to 40 hours off per year to participate in activities at his or her child’s school (grades K-12),   including a day care facility, if the employee provides the employer with reasonable notice. This time off may not be counted against an attendance policy or otherwise held against the employee.

In a related provision, all employers, regardless of size, must allow an employee unpaid time off to attend a school conference related to the discipline of his or her child. There is no limit to this time off.

If both parents of a school age child are employed by the same employer at the same location, the leave entitlement is generally granted to the employee who gave notice first. The other parent may request simultaneous time off for the same child.

Time off for this purpose does not need to be paid, and the employee may be required to use available accrued PTO for purposes of the leave.

Documentation.   The law does not prohibit employers from requiring employees to provide documentation from the school or licensed day care facility as proof that he or she participated in school or licensed day care facility activities on a specific date and at a particular time.