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What is union theory of management?

Generally, particularly in unionized workplaces, command-and-control style of management is highly problematic. So, what is the best alliterative?

It is essential for labor unions to model best management practices. "If managing is working with and through people to get things done, then unionists need to become good managers. But ask nearly anyone in the labor movement how well unions manage staff and you will probably get mostly negative answers — once they stop coughing nervously." Margolies, K. A. (2012, August). Managing Union Management. Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations.

"Human Resources Strategy for Labor Unions"

If you are a unionist and still wonder about a need for strategic human resources professionals in managing your labor union then you have not caught up with the advancement of human resources from administrative functions to strategic partnership within the past twenty years, particularly in the field labor union management. See, Margolies, K. A. (2011). Human Resource Strategy for Labor Unions: Oxymoron, Chimera or Contributor to RevivalCornell University School of Industrial and Labor RelationsMr. Margolies stresses that "Preliminary findings, pending research on broader samples of the labor movement and more prolonged review of emerging union HR strategies, suggest that unions are in great need of more effective HR strategies with a systems approach." Facing the existential crisis, labor unions can't continue management as usual. They need to improve "in the area of staff accountability and development; union officials generally resist embracing their management responsibilities; training for managers within unions is rare; and internal union politics play a significant complicating role in all aspects of HR within unions." Margolies, K. (2011)

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