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Voting leave

If an employee does not have sufficient time to vote before or after work, the California   Elections Code   provides that all California employers must provide up to two hours of PTO for employees to vote in a statewide election. Unless otherwise agreed, the PTO may be limited to the beginning or end of the employee’s regular work shift.

Notice requirement.   Employers may require that employees provide a minimum of two days prior notice that time off for voting is needed.

State employee precinct board members.   A state employee who has been appointed as a member of a precinct board and takes time off from state employment to serve as a member of that precinct board on election day is entitled to receive payment of his or her regular wages or salary for that particular election day, without forfeiting any compensation received for service as a precinct board member. “State employee” does not include any officer or employee appointed or employed by the legislature or any officer, deputy or employee selected or appointed by an elected state officer.